Opportunity Zones
For project sponsors and entrepreneurs looking to pool capital to underwrite investments in Opportunity Zones, we assist with creating entities targeting investor capital to invest in these tax advantaged projects. Our services are designed to be tailored to each client and include but are not limited to: (i) Providing guidance and advice on entity structuring and functional operation; (ii) Assisting with development and drafting of capital solicitation materials including Private Placement Offering Memorandum, Operating/Partnership Agreement, and Investor Subscription Documents. (iii) Assuring compliance of entity structure with applicable Opportunity Zone regulations; (iv) Assisting with preparation of marketing and collateral materials; (v) Creating a data room for Project related due diligence materials: and (vi) Securing cost effective arrangements and relationships with Professional Service Providers. We are a leader in facilitating and supporting investments in Opportunity Zones and our thought leadership through speaking engagements, client advisories and our understanding of the law enable our clients to achieve a higher level of visibility with investors in a shorter time frame on a cost effective basis. https://jmpoppzoneservices.com

Operational Consulting - General
For businesses looking to grow or simply improve their business functions, an assessment of current operations is critical to insure that resources are being committed where they yield their highest value. Our professionals can dissect and evaluate the most complex environments reducing them to their critical components and identifying opportunities and operational gaps requiring attention to achieve the stated objectives. We deliver a comprehensive assessment with clearly defined action items necessary to maximize operational efficiency.

Operational Consulting - Asset Management
For investment management enterprises, Foxdale can offer a wide array of operational consulting services. Whether the focus is creating an operating environment to pass institutional due diligence reviews, improving trading efficiency, retaining top talent or identifying strengths that can be leveraged to improve asset growth, our professionals provide clients with a clear pathway to whatever the stated objective may be. Our experience and specialized asset management capabilities makes Foxdale a unique partner to help move your money management business to a new level or simply repair what’s broken.

Strategic Planning Services
Foxdale’s Strategic Planning Services can help businesses decipher, prepare and manage a company’s growth or assist with addressing and solving complex operational issues. Whether it is the development of a long-term strategic plan, a business plan for a new division or start up, a marketing plan for a new product or a plan to secure financing, Foxdale can help clients manage through these issues. Small and mid-sized companies often lack the executive bandwidth to incorporate these projects into their existing functions. Foxdale enables these projects to occur and be completed within expected timeframes accessing management for input but not burdening them with responsibility for preparing the plan or developing the solution. We help companies define their vision and achieve their objectives by providing clear, concise and executable action plans that enable the business to move forward with key goals and milestones. The demands on a growing business and the pressure form new entrants and worthy competitors require enterprises to have a blue print they can follow. The needs of the organization today will be different tomorrow as will the management and leadership necessary to fulfill those needs. Preparing for the inevitable changes that will occur as you move forward and anticipating the roadblocks and impediments that need to be overcome is critical if a company is going to succeed and prosper.

Board Governance Services
Whether facing declining revenues, operational inefficiencies, insolvency, or other management and governance issues, Foxdale can assist with solutions that meet the client’s expectations and timelines. A company’s board must oversee and impact the overall success of a corporate enterprise. Many public and private small to mid-sized company’s often struggle with ongoing fiduciary oversight, operating problems, financial distress, shareholder communication and attacks from activist investors. In many cases, these same boards also struggle with separating corporate governance from company management creating risk for the directors that they may not fully comprehend. In other cases, boards simply struggle with evaluating opportunities or dealing with transitions that can benefit from an objective, third party opinion. Foxdale provides corporate boards with assistance in dealing with a myriad of problems that range in scope from addressing concerns with management competency, raising capital for expansion, evaluating transaction opportunities or handling attacks from external shareholders.

Risk Management
For asset management firms, Foxdale assists them in managing their business risks. Using our consulting skills and specialized knowledge of operational risk, credit risk, counterparty risk, we help clients establish risk policies, audit risk policies and alter risk policies to meet the changing needs and requirements of the business and its investors.