Operational Due Diligence
Consistent with our expertise in operational consulting, client’s often require specialized skills to perform the operational due diligence of large asset management firms or investment opportunities that involve complex operating structures. Our professionals provide an objective, third party assessment of operational activities delivering a detailed report that evaluate internal controls, policy compliance, risk mitigation operations, supervisory functions and personnel.

Business Due Diligence
FWhether a client is trying to buy a business, sell a business or simply evaluate an investment opportunity, Foxdale provides due diligence services that evaluate the quality of earnings, business continuity, operational capabilities, executive management and product management providing valuations that the seller or buyer can use to evaluate the opportunity. We work with our clients to scope the project, understand their motivations and target key areas of concern to deliver an assessment that the client can rely on in assessing the opportunity and value the enterprise.

Investment Due Diligence
For institutional investors and family offices, Foxdale provides clients with expertise to fully evaluate complex investment opportunities. We look at the product structure, fee structures, investment program and key professionals to help investors decide whether or not to pursue the investment. We deliver a comprehensive assessment of the investment opportunity focusing on the client’s key area of concerns. We simply seek to be a proxy for the investor to provide the specialized knowledge and expertise to properly evaluate complicated and unusual investment opportunity.