Expert Witness Services
Foxdale professionals have a diversified body of experience that enables to provide expert testimony across a wide spectrum of litigation. Focusing primarily on securities based litigation, Foxdale provides expert witnesses for litigation related to hedge fund operations, investment due diligence, fiduciary obligations of investment advisors, risk management and other complex issues of securities litigation. The complexity of many alternative investment products and the significant amounts invested by institutional and high net worth investors invariably leads to disputes that require both product and industry expertise. We have experienced professionals that can present and defend their expert opinions in deposition and trial testimony.

Litigation Support
Foxdale professionals help legal professionals understand complex issues related to hedge funds, investment funds, investment manager operations, offshore funds, fund administration, prime brokerage and other elements of an asset management business. Litigators engage us to facilitate their understanding of the complexities associated with product structures, industry practices, fiduciary obligations and other issues without requiring our expert testimony. In many cases, attorneys simply desire objective analysis of the facts so that they can identify the scope of required expert testimony, assisting them with analyzing arguments of opposing experts, developing deposition questioning around key issues and participating in depositions to evaluate deponent testimony as it occurs.