Turnaround and Restructuring Services
Foxdale assists distressed companies in identifying opportunities to improve operations and restore profitability. In this role, we assess a businesses’ strengths, weaknesses and operational advantages working to devise solutions that capitalize on identified opportunities while paring back staffing and operating costs not directly related to core operating objectives. We prepare objective assessments of management, staff and business operations in order to articulate clear strategies that, when executed, will protect key revenue streams while reducing costs through long-term strategies to position the company for future growth. We provide short-term operational, financial and managerial support, that includes preparing monthly operating reports, cash flow budgets, projections and other financial reporting required to support a plan for corporate financial recovery.

Interim Management Services
Foxdale can provide Interim Executives to fill gaps between executive departures and the hiring of their replacement. In some cases, ownership or the board need to initiate change at the management level before a suitable replacement can be found. In other cases, a company’s accelerating growth might require adding and expanding executive roles to mitigate unnecessary risks when suitable management expertise does not exist internally. We bridge that gap and help to resolve internal conflicts or maintain business momentum while to company searches for the proper long term solutions in the executive suite. A typical temporary assignment generally lasts between 3-9 months and can be full time or part time 2-3 days per week.