Foxdale offers a wide array of operational consulting services tailored to the specific needs of our client. Looking to grow, improve processes and functions or restructure operations? Foxdale provides an objective assessment of internal procedures, controls and strategies to ensure resources are operating properly and committed where they yield the highest value. Our risk-based approach dissects and evaluates the most complex environments breaking down workflows; reducing structures to their critical components to identify opportunities and operational gaps requiring attention. Our comprehensive assessment clearly defines action items necessary to improve and maximize operational efficiency. Whether the focus is evaluating your operating environment to improve client interactions, increase sales, improve profitability, create new business lines or integrate new technologies, our professionals provide clients with clear recommendations and action plans.




Foxdale’s Strategic Planning Services help businesses envision their future. We take broadly defined goals and objectives and convert them into an action plan designed to achieve those goals and objectives. We decipher the message and transform it into a plan to prepare the company for growth or solve complex operational issues. The daily demands on a growing business with pressure from new entrants and worthy competitors require businesses to have a “blueprint” they can follow. Today’s organizational needs will be different tomorrow so preparing for inevitable changes that will occur in the future and anticipating potential roadblocks and impediments are critical for a company to succeed and prosper.
Whether you need a long-term strategic plan, a business plan for a new division or start up, a marketing plan for a new product or a plan to secure financing, Foxdale can help manage your business through these processes. We help companies define their vision and achieve their objectives by providing clear, concise and executable action plans that enable the business to move forward with key goals and milestones.
Foxdale professionals assist both management and investors in companies experiencing various levels of distress to identify opportunities for improved operations that can restore profitability. Our consultants assess a client businesses’ strengths, weaknesses and operational advantages working to devise solutions that capitalize on identified opportunities while paring back staffing and operating costs not directly related to core operating objectives.
Our advice includes objective assessments of management, staff and business operations to articulate clear strategies that, when executed, will protect key revenue streams while reducing non-core costs. Foxdale professionals can also offer short-term operational, financial and managerial support including preparation of monthly operating reports, cash flow budgets, financial projections and other reporting necessary to support the company’s corporate recovery plan.

Turnaround and



Foxdale professionals provide Interim Executives to fill gaps between executive departures and the hiring of their replacement. In some cases, ownership or the board need to initiate change at the management level before a suitable replacement can be found. In other cases, a company’s accelerating growth might require adding and expanding executive roles to mitigate unnecessary risks when suitable management expertise does not exist internally. We bridge a gap, help to resolve internal conflicts or maintain business momentum while our clients search for the proper long term solutions in the executive suite.
Foxdale professionals assist clients with risk assessment and designing internal controls to maximize the effectiveness of their internal control environment. Our consultants use their skills and specialized knowledge of operational risk, financial risk, credit risk and counterparty risk to assist clients with establishing internal controls, risk policies and audit risk policies to meet the changing needs and requirements of the business and its investors.




Foxdale professionals provide litigants with expertise to facilitate resolution of disputes or to provide expert testimony in support of our client. Utilizing our extensive and diverse depth of knowledge and experience, our consultants provide litigation support and expert testimony services across a wide spectrum of different legal matters. In the past, our experts have provided litigation support and expert testimony in cases involving hedge fund operations, investment due diligence, fiduciary obligations of investment advisors, risk management and other complex areas of securities litigation.

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